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Apart from the remarkable range of advanced dentistry services your Hinsdale dentist can provide you with to reestablish your oral health, you can also depend on Dr. David Ingallinera to provide you with the essential continued care we all require to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. At Hinsdale Family Dental, your dentist emphasizes a preventive approach to oral care. With an effective oral care routine, you can often avoid the consequences of dental disease. By scheduling semi-annual checkups and maintaining a proper oral care regimen at home, you can partner with your dentist to make sure you sustain the beauty and vitality of your smile throughout the year.

If there’s one thing your Hinsdale dentist can provide, it’s professional oversight in all matters relating to your oral health. From the most specific questions about the appearance of your teeth, to caring for your children’s oral health when they’re too young to brush and floss, Dr. Ingallinera has extensive knowledge in the best methods for maintaining optimal dental health whatever your unique oral care needs may be. Every smile is different, so you can expect to receive personalized care and instruction in the proper techniques to manage your oral hygiene at home. With daily flossing and brushing at least twice a day, preferably after meals, you can drastically decrease your risk for gum disease and decay. To complement the job you do at home, your dental hygienist will provide a professional teeth cleaning to expertly remove plaque buildup from difficult to reach areas. Routine checkups also make it easier for your dentist to catch issues early on, when they’re easiest to treat. Once there, Dr. Ingallinera will perform a comprehensive examination to check for a wide range of dental conditions. From cavities and TMJ, to periodontal disease and impacted teeth, your dentist is prepared to detect and treat a range of issues using the latest and most effective methods of care.

When it comes to maintaining your oral health, your Hinsdale dentist is an exceptional resource. For the quality preventive care of an experienced professional, give a call to Hinsdale Family Dental today!

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